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Total Recall…of the Fire Retard Ants Opening

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I woke up yesterday about 7:00 AM, which was a little later than usual because I was able to get the day off. Frt#2 had to work.

From about 9:00AM until noon, I kept myself busy with Fire Retard Errands. Such as going to the copy shop and printing our price list. I caught 7 typos of which only 4 got printed.

Frt#2 sat at work until 12:00PM and did nothing but send text messages, and then left early.

At 12:30 Frt#1 and Frt#2 and the Frt Pack Mule (Frt#2’s girlfriend) went and stuffed our faces with sushi. Then Frt#1 and Frt#2 slipped into their respective food comas.

After our miraculous recovery, Frt#1 and Frt#2 made our name tags for the evenings events.

After making name tags I went home walked my dog and watched a bit of the movie I Shot Andy Warhol which I’ve had out on my Netflix for well over a week. I spent more time watching my dog munch on her ass than watching the film.

Frt#2 went to Target and bought himself a jacket and a T-shirt for me.

At 4:30PM I went over to Frt#2’s house and then we all drove down together.

At 5:00PM the weather was looking ugly.

At 5:30PM he weather looked even worse.

At 6:00PM we were afraid that no one was going to come to our opening

6:45PM things started to pick up a bit.

We were congratulated by many people.

7:00PM things were crazy. The gallery was jam packed. Bottlenecks were forming, but luckily there was little pushing and shoving, and even a homeless guy came into the gallery to get a buck or two from some of the patrons.

By 8:40PM we were able to lock up the gallery.

By 9:10PM we were at People’s pub in Ballard ordering fish and chips.

by 10:00PM we were in another food coma.

by 11:30PM I was back home ready to go to sleep on my couch, but instead I stayed up and watched TV until the morning news came on.

7:00AM today… I’m back at work, and ready to go to bed.


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January 4, 2008 at 5:01 pm

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