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Mom I want to go to Pizza Hut

FRT 1 – i wrote this for a girl, it’s not cool anymore.

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The scene is a coffee shop. There are only a couple tables and a well-lit back room with two smaller tables.

A walks over to the back table where B is sitting

A: I’ve seen you here before. You come here often?

B looks up

B: Yeah, I’ve seen you here before too.
A: Can I sit?
B: Sure.
A: What do you do?
B: Rocket Scientist.
A: Really?
B: No, What do you do?
A: Astronaut.
B: Really?
A: No

A: Your pretty funny.
B: Thanks.
A: Seriously what do you do?
B: I sit here and contemplate the plane of my reality. I’m here everyday trying to figure it out.
A: Really
B: Yes. And today is the most important day of them all. You see today is the day when my reality will cease to exist.

(A looks very carefully at B)

A: Is there anything you can do about it.
B: No, there’s nothing I can do.
A: Is it just your reality or all of reality as everyone understands it.
B: No, just mine everyone else’s realities are safe. Well, that’s what I can tell from my research.

The table disappears (A notices with a panicked look)
(B remains calm)

The wall disappears
(B remains calm)

A: This place, This coffees shop is part of your reality I suppose.
B: I guess. I can’t really tell what’s mine or someone elses.

A: I love this place.
B: Yeah, me too.

A takes hold of B’s hand and bites a finger off and swallows hard.
B is gone but the coffee shop is left with three walls.

The girl from the counter walks over to A

Girl: It’ll take you about a week to put everything back together the way it was, so you better get started.


Written by fireretardant1

December 29, 2007 at 11:54 pm

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