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Mom I want to go to Pizza Hut

Bulk Shopping to Feed the Colony

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Today we will venture to become members of Costco.


The excitement is electric, but not the same kind of electric that happens when you lick and electrical outlet, or plug your computer into a 220V outlet that someone has put into your wall hoping to start a fire so they can collect the insurance money.

No… The electric feeling is quite physiological. I can feel my neurons trembling with delight that I will be able to finally buy a bag of chips that I can’t finish in one sitting. This marvelous wonder was bestowed to us by the fabulous Robert Yoder, and as an appreciation we salute you Robert Yoder (We’ll get you some popcorn)

So… What’s Next:

Here is our immediate shopping list:

1) 100 count rainbow colored condoms

2) 600 tube socks, wool/cotton blend

3) 1500 unused Fire Retard Ant gum wrappers

4) 3 antique Daisy BB guns

5) 2 quarts of gin

6) 1 dead monkey

7) a pile of dirt

8) the number 7

9) 12 pieces of art for the Fire Retard Ants January show

10) 1 girlfriend for FRT1

11) 300 Pop Rock suppositories

12) 2 college degrees that are not in art


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December 8, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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